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H.K. Hair Kulture
The Brand mission

H.K. Hair Kulture® is an Italian company created by businesswoman Emanuela Pizzi and Leo Lucidi, a well-known professional in the sector and creator of the IKS® lines - trichology products based on natural active ingredients and Kolourgel - permanent hair colour gel, free of nickel and ammonia, enriched with precious Essential Oils.

The objective of H.K. Hair Kulture® is to make available to hairdressers the philosophy of taking care of each person in a unique and targeted way, through specific and customised treatments, aimed at restoring everyone’s psychophysical well-being. The IKS® trichology line comes from a profound knowledge of the needs of scalp and hair, as well as of the precious essences that our beloved nature has always made available to us. Combinations of the purest Essential Oils and Natural Extracts are used separately or in synergy through the I.K.S. (Innovation Kapelli System) method for targeted treatments, in order to achieve the harmony between psyche and body that represents the basis of all forms of well-being.

Starting from the concept there can be no beauty without health, our laboratories developed KOLOURGEL, which thanks to the absence of ammonia and the presence of Natural Extracts that counteract the aggressiveness of coloured pigments, aims at achieving the delicate balance between full, intense colouring with splendid hair reflections, and preserved, nourished and moisturised scalp and hair, for a final effect of great naturalness and radiance.

H.K. Hair Kulture® is also Training. A team of great professionals will be available to hair salons for a constant training that ranges from the most technical to the most artistic aspects, for an exclusive and personalised interpretation of current trends, in order to make the H.K. hairdresser a true specialist with respect to the natural well-being of scalp and hair.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order”
(John Burroughs)

Ammonia-free permanent hair colour gel enriched with Essential Oils

The irresistible allure of healthy hair


Training on technical and stylistic aspects with a review of current trends to make the H.K. hairdresser a true specialist in hair health and beauty

“For me, hair means geometry, angles, cutting irregular shapes, as long as it suits that face and bone structure”

Our insights